Packers and movers in chennai- Tools and Materials

Why packers and movers are mean for an easy and comfortable shifting for an individual or any organization?

It is the excellence and professionalism of a packers and movers that make this leisure and tiring shifting process in a simple one. They are service provider of packing and moving so they occupied all the tools, techniques and materials as per requirement. You will find all the necessary component on one place with skilled user of all these things and that make it easy and safe.

They are many tools of packers and movers:-packers and movers tools


  • Furniture Dolly– It’s used by packers and movers to move our furniture, heavy electronic item like television table etc. breakable and heavy things too much care to carry and move from one place to other. By the use of furniture dolly they carry the goods are rolled out comfortably.
  • Hand Truck– Its two wheeled vertical equipment and it’s easy to move like refrigerator and also used to move the stack of boxes. It is very helpful tool to move your belongings safely.
  • Furniture Pads– These tools used to wrap the sofa, center table etc. When we wrap the item before the move we should cover with tape. To protect the furniture and sofa packers and movers organization uses furniture pads to secure it from any harm.
  • Ropes– Packers and Movers uses these tools to secure the furniture item and appliances remain safe when we are shifting our goods one place to another place. They use it binding and carrying the goods if it is too complicated to move heavy materials manually. In transportation a durable and strong rope will save the misplacement of goods in a journey. A simple error can harm your goods too much so in this process it needs proper binding with real skill.
  • Dismantle Tool– It’s used by packers and Movers Company when we have to dismantle the bed and any heavy cub board. Most of our furniture are in assembled form so we need these to dismantle the parts properly so that it is easy to carry and relocate.


Material uses by a Packers & Movers in chennai:-packing and moving materials


  • Carton Box– It is very normal type packing material, especially use for small items like a clock, utensils, toys, crackers and etc. Considering weight, box has a certain capacity to hold in it may between 10 to 15kg. So that when we used this carton box we also remember this weight and packing according to that.
  • Wooden box– for breakable things we uses wooden boxes. It is a stretch proof box and very useful in delivering clumsy product.
  • Bubble wrap– This is very important & worth packing material for delicate items such as glass, fragile cookers etc. It’s very powerful protecting the layer of our expensive goods. Remember bubble wrap is not only the single layer packing done for fragile goods.
  • Cargo Sheet– its use to considered as the powerful protection out layer for our sensitive goods. This is basically made out of paper and having spongy technology.
  • Stretch film– This packing material is costly and helping goods to hold other packing material such as bubble wrap and cargo tight with the goods.
  • Tap-It is very important par to use to stick bubble and cargo with food. If we are using this material so our goods will safe with the help of other packing material.
  • Tape– to seal the box securely, a packers and movers use cartoon strengthen tapes.