Important Steps to follow for an easy and effortless long distance or domestic relocation

Here domestic relocation or long distance relocation means to say that shifting your house to a new long distance location like if you are are shifting to a new city of another state of your country which is far away from your current state. For Example in India currently, you are living in Chennai which is a city in Tamil Nadu and due to your job or some other work or personal reasons you are planning to shift in a new city Mumbai in Maharastra nearly 1300 KM away from Chennai which is really a long distance.

And such long distance domestic relocation in india is really a big job and struggle full work by your own. So it would be better to hire movers and packers Chennai service provider company. But only hiring a relocation service provider in Chennai is not end your work because those long distance moving companies work is doing packing-unpacking, loading-unloading and moving to your stuff to your desired location with their transportation system.

For an uncomplicated domestic shifting, you have to make a proper plan for all your processes of relocation process which will make your work so easy. And not only make a plan on paper or diary will do your work, you have to follow those steps and obey the rules of hassle free shifting.
domestic relocation






Here I mentioning some steps to follow for a  trouble-free long distance relocation

  1. Note down your plan and list of your items

First of all take a diary or pad and note down your plan and all steps and processes of your relocation. Also, make a list of all your stuff and household goods like furniture, electronic equipment, clothes, accessories and your other belongings. This list will help you to maintain your planning in a proper way because this list will help you in how and where to start your packing.


  1. Pack your household items for a long haul

In a thousand miles of distance domestic relocation, there are chances of damage to your stuff in the back of the truck while it’s being loaded and unloaded by a number of workers of long distance movers company. Moving is a work of full of risks. In India, you can read reviews by many people about many relocation service provider that they harm a lot to their goods. So, pack your stuff with strong material so that they can suffer on the roads of India for a long time. Always try to pack your electronic items in original boxes for best fitting.


  1. Insure the loading of your belongings

During a long distance domestic movements itmes will be handled by many workers and riding in a truck for a long distance and timing. So, make sure          that everything is packed well in their boxes and those boxes should be strongly sealed. And you should guide the loading and unloading of your items by your own which will insure the loading of your belongings.


  1. Keeps those items together in separate place which you will need upon arrival

You have some items like food, dining plates and other things to eat after reaching to your distance because it is usual that after a long time journey you will be hungry. So, keep foods to a separate place together. You have also some personal documents like your driving license, bank statements and other documents related to your taxes. You should keep those documents with you. And never forget to keep your medicines with you.


  1. Inspect the loading and unloading of your large and heavy furnitures.

You will need to inspect your furnitures or any other large and heavy items because in the process of their loading and loading there are chances of impinge of those items with the wall of your house which can damage their structure.


  1. Don’t pack drinks and other liquid items

Always beware from packing liquidy items bcause there are chances of flow which can make your other items dirty and ruin your planning . And also try not to pack vegitables and fruits because there are chances of getting crushed  and will attract unwanted stowaways (the furry and creepy crawly kind) to your shipment.


  1. Organize your items according to their category

For a time saving relocation process organize your belongings according to their type like clothes, books, bathroom items and tools, plats and your other belongings separetly.


  1. Mark each boxes according to the items in the box.

For your convenient mark the boxes as of the stuff in that box because this will make easy identifying the items whenever you need anything.


  1. Determine your movin situation

Always determine a few things for the day of movement of your belongings in the truck to a new home.  For long distance moves, the items will likely be transported in a large tractor trailer. If the roads leading to your new home are not accessible via tractor trailer, you may incur a shuttle service fee. A shuttle is a smaller truck, and the mover will load your property onto the smaller truck for final delivery. Additional fees apply for shuttle service, including the shuttle truck rental and labor required to load it. If your tractor trailer runs into unexpected access issues, this may delay your delivery as well. Be aware of parking availability near your new home whether the mover will need a parking permit in your city, and when your street is typically busy


  1. Always hire a licensed and experienced moving service provider

Before hiring a packers and movers service privider always check their licences and other papers. In India people usually don’t ask them for papers. And also find information about and their work experience and read their online reviews