20 Tips for time-saving and stress-free house shifting

Both local and interstate house shifting are full of stress and harassment because of overall cost, time and effort required for house shifting. House shifting is much more tiring, especially when you have no experience of house shifting in past. You have to do so many tasks for a hassle free house shifting and it’s not going to be easy, so you should hire packers and movers in Chennai. Booking movers and packers in Chennai will help you a lot but have little bit knowledge and experience of house shifting to you or your relative or friend can be plus point for you.


But choosing best packers and movers in Chennai is not so easy because at present time there are so many companies in marketing providing relocation services in Chennai. Before selecting a mover you have look for many uncertainties like rates of movers, work experience of those service providers and these days you have to read their online reviews of their previous works and never forget to read their insurance policies. House shifting can be a messy affair if you don’t make a proper plan for packing- unpacking, loading-unloading, transportation and some other important concerns.


There is no shortcut for instant planning and preparation of house shifting. You have to start planning minimum a month before the day of shifting. For the proper process of shifting work, you should research for what to do and what not to do. If you start planning a month before the actual house shifting will take place will make all the processes hassle free and you and your family will have enough time for relaxing because you should rest minimum one day before the day of shifting.


Simple and quick hacks to help you in save time, money and stress while shifting your household.


  1. note down all the list of your stuff, details, and planning in a diary or writing pad. This way will find anything and ever forget.


  1. Start packing your goods at least one month before the moving day. So that there will be no hurry and you will have enough time in hand for rest.


  1. Always try to use original boxes of electronic and fragile equipment to packing them, original boxes is strong and best fit for them and using original boxes will cut extra budget of new boxes for packing


  1. If possible always try to pack some smaller, handy and fragile items yourself.


  1. Ask friend, families or neighbors for help in some packing process.


  1. Use bubble wrap or news papers for the safety of your items. This will keep your stuff scratch free.


  1. Use strong tapes for packing and use tapes on box joints. Use many tapes for packing, this will give your boxes straight, So they can wear a lot of weight.


  1. Wrap the expensive glassware items with bubble wraps or clothes like a towel to pack them well. So, they could endure the journey and you don’t need to buy another set of these items because of their crack.


  1. You can also use bed sheets or cushions around your fragile items in packing. This will those goods safe.


10. It is good for the safety of appliances to pack them in original boxes.


  1. If possible try to pack all your household goods yourself with the help of friends family. This will help you in saving money in not giving extra charges to professional packers and movers for packing.


  1. Pack those items according to their need which you use daily.


  1. Sell or donate those unwanted items in charity that you do not use. Selling them will give you some extra money.


14. Choose a week according to your ease for shifting.


  1. Always keep in contact with relocation service provider and confirm date and timing of movement.


  1. For a better deal always compare three to five service providers.


  1. Don’t compromise with quality of packing materials


  1. Never hide anything with the company you have chosen about your stuff.


  1. Keep your medicines, documents and other personal things with yourself.


  1. At last, the mantra of a stress-free house shifting is proper planning and understanding between you and other people involved in the process.